Many of you have asked more information on what our current project is, and furthermore, what it is about.  I thought it would be appropriate to update our site to include a current projects link that will allow you to see what projects we have in the works.  Although I am not 100% sure that this will satisfy […]

We have met our target!  Even a bit ahead of schedule.  We may have spent the entire day getting through the final chapters of the book, but we can officially say we have finished our latest iteration.  With no small support from our daughter, who we will now be taking to go see “Finding Dory” in the […]

There are many times that we have trouble going it alone.  The times where we have hit brick walls, trouble with concepts, and even lose sight of the goals at hand.  With the support of our family, friends and significant others, the road seems to be a bit easier to travel.  So, I wanted to share a […]