Sitting here in my backyard, staring into the distance in a zoned-out state, thinking of the past year gone by and thinking of this new year to come. What will it bring? What do I want it to bring? Answers that I seemingly don’t have. I desperately want those answers, so I feel like I am moving […]

During this time of thankfulness, I have been thinking about what I am most thankful for. Immediately, I think of my family and how precious each of them are to me. But I also have been thinking about my newfound family, the local writing community. Brett and I have been extremely fortunate to have met so many […]

Brett and I were thrilled to see our first official review of Skipping Stones on Amazon.  It means so much to us that we can bring enjoyment to readers with our story, which is our main goal and intent. This adventure continues to amaze us as we follow our hearts wherever they may take us.  Hopefully, some readers will […]

It has been a month since the release of our novel Skipping Stones. Brett and I have both enjoyed the support from family and friends with their thoughts and reviews of the book. The range of feedback has been great, from “it’s like a candy bar, so sweet and delicious” to “I didn’t know you could write […]

We are so excited that the release date of our first novel, Skipping Stones, is finally here! We are truly looking forward to bringing enjoyment and happiness to readers with our story. Writing this novel has been a lifelong dream and we are thrilled that we finally accomplished what we set out to do. And we did […]

Today, Brett and I enjoyed autographing the pre-orders for Skipping Stones and getting them ready to ship out. We were so excited to send out the books so that others could read them. Thank you so much to those of you who pre-ordered our book. The books should arrive before July 15, 2017. For those of you […]

A couple days ago, Brett and I were graced with the arrival of several boxes of our novel Skipping Stones. I was so excited to finally receive them and see what treasures were inside. As I opened the first box, my heart beat with anticipation at seeing the covers. Seeing the books in the box got us […]

Brett and I have been re-reading our novel Skipping Stones for the final proof before it goes to printing. Although we have read this story numerous times, this time seems different. Not only do we have an actual book for us to read from but we also seem to be reading as readers and not writers. We […]

The last two weeks have been filled with a lot of emotion. We received great reaction from our cover reveal of Skipping Stones at Zumapalooza two weeks ago! Many friends, co-workers, and others loved the cover and were interested in reading the book. It was so amazing to talk to people about our novel and also about […]

We are extremely excited to share a part of ourselves with our family, friends, and beyond as we reveal the cover of our novel, Skipping Stones. The book is currently available for pre-order and will be released July 15, 2017. We are grateful for the design of the cover by Deranged Doctor Designs. They did an amazing […]