I am super excited to share the latest writing project that I am working on. I am spearheading a writing project for Sydney’s Girl Scout troop (Troop 4167) in which the girls will get to write their own book and get it published. The four high level steps that the girls will undertake are: Write their own […]

This story would have been precious at any moment in time, however, as it occurred during these distressed times, it seemed to put a smile on my face that was very much needed. It all started with a mama duck, along with eleven (yes 11) little ducklings trailing behind her. She decided to climb around our front […]

Yes, it is an unprecedented time right now filled with uncertainty and the unknown. I have been figuring out the new “normal” like the rest of us and trying to find where I fit in all of this. I have learned how to home school my 9 year old daughter and worked through whatever frustrations came out […]

Storyteller’s Ethos is raising money for First Book so that kids in need can experience the joy of reading and the power of learning. First Book believes that education is the best path out of poverty for kids in need. First Book’s mission is to remove barriers so that every child has a chance to learn. Ananya […]

Books are a passport to learning that help introduce kids to new worlds of discovery, imagination and possibility. Storyteller’s Ethos is raising money for First Book so that kids in need can experience the joy of reading and the power of learning. Join us! Donate today at our fundraising page. Storyteller’s Ethos is a program the was […]

The new release is not quite written by Ananya or Brett but it was written by a family member. Thus, making the new ebook part of the Ananya and Brett family of books. We also thought we would let everyone know that Sunday Monacelli (Ananya’s mother) released the ebook yesterday and it is available on Amazon for […]

The last month and half has been a bit difficult and really busy for me. I have been focusing so much on doing everyday chores, paperwork items that I never have time for, and finding a job. Although each of those items is important, I need to make the time to appreciate what I have. I feel […]

It’s funny how time elapses and life moves on. It dawned on me this week that Brett and I published Skipping Stones two years ago. Crazy to think that it has already been two years. I have no idea where the time went. I feel like I blink, and time passes me by. It was such a […]

There have been many changes recently withing my professional career. To help me get through these transitional periods, I have been reading more books on business and leadership to provide me with guidelines and advice on how to navigate through the unsteady waters. To add to my ever increasing knowledge base, I just finished reading Extreme Ownership: […]

I recently read an article in which J.K. Rowling discusses how to be successful. I appreciated her candor and frankness regarding her success and how she got there. For her, it did not happen overnight, nor did she follow the conventional rules. This article resonated with me quite a bit and I have been pondering over the concepts […]