Skipping Stones

Novel: Classic Love Story, Historical Fiction
Story By: Ananya Ridenour

Eager to find her place in the restrictive society of 1850’s England, young Claire Stonewall struggles to establish her own identity. Born into a life of luxury and privilege, she discovers, after the sudden death of her father, rigid expectations rise threatening to confine her to a preordained position. Swept off her feet by Mr. Nathaniel Clayton…

Stage: Released
Release: July 15, 2017

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Coloring Outside the Lines:
Integrating Project Management and Creativity

Compilation: Non-fiction Business, Project Management
Story by: Ananya Ridenour and Brett Ridenour

Although seemingly contradictory, project management and creativity can work together to enhance and guard against common pitfalls found in both endeavors. It is useful for project managers to be more creative and for creative professionals to have more structure. By exploring different aspects of both project management guidelines and creative freedoms and combining the strengths of both concepts, the overall success of a project can improve. This ongoing process continues to evolve the strict standards that are dictated by various strategies and provides avenues and solutions that are common to both structured methodologies and creative workflows.

Stage: Released [e-book only]
Release: October 8, 2018

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