Our Purpose

Ananya and Brett have agreed, that they want to share their experience and passion with others. They want to give back to the community and have made a commitment to help others with their program, Storyteller’s Ethos, in which they will donate a portion of their proceeds from their novels, to various charities that enhance the advancement and passion of others.

How We Got Started

Storyteller’s Ethos is modeled after the Happyness is a Choice program developed by Zumasys, the company that Ananya works for. 1% of the revenue that Zumasys earns is distributed to the Happyness is a Choice program. The funds are then allotted to varying charities, all chosen by the employees. Storyteller’s Ethos works in a similar fashion. A portion of all proceeds from Ananya and Brett’s novels will be donated to selected organizations, especially programs that encourage literacy and education.

organizations we have supported

International Rescue Committee
First Book

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